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Cracked Concrete Wall



Tired of DIY fails? Let Home Boss Handyman Pros take care of your home repairs! Our team of experts will ensure your projects are done right the first time. Contact us today! #HandymanPros #HomeRepairs #ProfessionalServices

Kitchen repairs by Home Boss Handyman Pros


Warm months are here, which means it's time for some outdoor home improvements! Let Home Boss Handyman Pros help you with your fence & gate repairs siding and facia repairs, and more! #SpringHomeImprovement #OutdoorProjects #HomeBossHandyman "

Fence and gate repairs by Home Boss Handyman Pros


Need a quick fix around the house? Home Boss Handyman Pros has got you covered! Our team is available for emergency repairs and same-day services. Contact us today for a quote! #EmergencyRepairs #SameDayServices #HomeBossHandyman

TV Mount installation by Home Boss Handyman Pros


Warren Whitaker is a professional homeowner and the proud owner of Home Boss Handyman Pros. He has been involved in the handyman, real estate, and finance industries for over 30+ years, having started doing home renovation and improvements since he was a kid. Additionally, his expertise and experience have helped thousands of families across the United States realize their American Dream Home, making him a trusted home loan advisor in the real estate industry. Warren's extensive experience as a professional real estate investor spans over 25+ years, during which he has acquired a wealth of knowledge in acquiring, financing, rehabbing and improving single-family residences and multi-family units. As a private mortgage banker investor, manager, and director, Warren has helped countless families that were once deemed "unbankable" obtain a home for their family, demonstrating his dedication to creating homeownership opportunities and improving communities.

Warren Whitaker ~ Professional Home Owner
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